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찬송가 588 - Lord, now I see you only want me - 지방교회들 찬송가

*출처 / 번안:Praisenote*

Lord, now I see,

You only want me to believe

Not to change.

In all my failures and defeats

To believe what You have done,

And not in what I see.

Lord I believe,

When all around me is defeat

And it seems that nothing's changing outwardly.

No! I'm not discouraged,

I'm believing You.

Yes, I believe,

And there is no demand on me.

Simple faith, yes, that is all You want from me.

Freed from anxious doubting—

I'm free to just believe!

Believing You,

Because, Lord, You are my success!

When I fail, all I must do is just confess,

And go on enjoying You—

I love believing You!

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