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찬송가 594 - UCLA CD - The Lord Shall Get The Glory - 지방교회들 찬송가


The Lord shall get the glory If we will sing His praise,

And angel hosts will listen When we our voices raise;

The world around will hear us Give glory unto God,

And Satan’s hosts will tremble And flee our conqu’ring rod.


Our mouth shut up defeats us And wins the Devil’s smile;

So why not open battle And chase him all the while.

By “sacrifice of praises” And shouts of victory—

’Twill cost us but our faces God’s chosen fools to be!


The world has never helped us To shout our Savior’s praise,

Nor given Him the glory Nor lent one thankful phrase;

So need we ask permission To praise th’ ascended Lord?

Cry out! Release your spirit! Much grace He does afford!


O brothers, be not silent! O sisters, cry aloud!

The sound shall tell God’s triumph And blessings far abroad.

Now is the time to praise Him, Yes now, at any cost!

O joy in your salvation, And in His mercy boast.

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    주께 영광돌려 감사드리세~~~

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    영광의 그리스도 나타나신 하나님을 찬양합니다