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I am Crucified with Christ

I am crucified with Christ

And it is no longer I who liveth,

But it is Christ who lives in me;

And the life which I now live

In the flesh, I live in faith—

The faith of the Son of God

Who loved and gave Himself up for me.


And now I’m walking by the Spirit

Step by step, day by day,

O Lord, I love You.

You’re the precious One to me.

As I do this and that

Lord, remind me where You’re at;

You’re in my spirit,

Dispensing grace to me.


And now I’m walking by the Spirit,

Marching on toward the goal.

O Lord, Your purpose

Means everything to me.

All self-love I lay aside

For the churches, for Your Bride,

For the fulfillment
Of Your economy.

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    아멘! 나는 이미 그리스도와 함께 십자가에 못박혔고, 이제는 내 안에 살아계신 그리스도의 그 영으로 살고 행합니다! 할렐루야!