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지방교회 찬송가 802회

Seek ye the Lord

new song


Seek ye the Lord all ye people,

Turn to Him while He is near,

Let the wicked forsake his own way,

And call on Him while He may hear.

Ho, everyone who is thirsty,

Come to the waters of life,

Come and drink of the milk and the wine,

Come without money and price.

And there is peace like a river,

And glory divine,

If you’ll come to the water,

If you’ll taste of His wine,

There is love ever flowing,

And joy ever full,

And there’s life everlasting

For us all.


For you shall go out in joy,

And be led forth in peace.

The mountains and hills before you shall sing,

And the trees of the fields clap their hands.

Instead of the thorns shall come cypress,

And myrtle replace every brier,

And it shall be to remember the Lord,

And everlasting sign.

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지방교회 자매집회 예레미야 결정연구

M12 하나님의 경륜을 성취하기 위해
새 언약의 내용들을 체험하고 누림

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지방교회 생명이만나 342회

죄로 인한 애통의 눈물


(벧전3:18) 그리스도께서 또한 죄들 때문에 한 번의 고난을 받으셨으니, 곧 의인으로서 불의한 사람들을 대신하여 죽으신 것입니다. 그것은 여러분을 하나님께 이끌기 위한 것이었습니다...

지방교회 이만나 유튜브 :

지방교회 이만나 카카오TV :

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