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교회-그리스도의 비밀이며, 그리스도의 충만인 그리스도의 몸이며, 하나님의 충만이 됨

1:1 하나님의 뜻을 따라 그리스도 예수님의 사도가 된 바울은 에베소에 있는 성도들, 곧 그리스도 예수님안에 있는 신실한 사람들에게 편지합니다.

2 하나님 우리 아버지와 주 예수 그리스도에게서 오는 은혜와 평안이 여러분에게 있기를 바랍니다.

우리는 주님의 구속을 받은 사람들이다. 우리는 주님의 구속을 받은 사람들로서, 그분을 주님으로 모시고 있다. 은혜와 평안은 창조주 하나님에게서 오고, 아버지에게서 오며, 구속자이신 주님에게서 온다. 우리는 그분의 피조물이고 구속받은 사람들이기 때문에, 그분에게서 은혜와 평안을 받을 위치에 있다.

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찬송가 888회

It's a Life of Enjoying God

new song


The Bible shows that man was made

To simply enter into rest.

The Sabbath was man’s first full day,

God had prepared for him the best.

All had been done, there was no need

For man to work but rest with God.

This is our life today, right now!

How wonderful, He’s done it all!


There’s no need to struggle!

There’s no need to strain!

There’s no need to labor,

All self-effort is vain!

It’s a life of resting!

It’s a life of feasting!

It’s a life of enjoying God!


We once tried doing what was good

But right and wrong are just one tree.

Instead, we eat the tree of life,

And take God in, receive, believe!

No longer I—I’m crucified,

But it is Christ who lives in me.

No need to try to imitate,

He is displayed spontaneously!


We have been grafted to a tree.

The Lord, the vine, does flow so free

With all His riches into us.

Positioned now, we just receive.

He is the place for us to stay;

As we remain, much fruit we bear.

Abide in Him, let Him abide,

Such sweet supply, His life to share!


Though we still err, so prone to fail,

God’s given us a testament

Of all He’s done for us to claim.

Let’s seize it to the full extent!

When we fall short and miss the mark,

We take the blood, He paid the cost.

From scarlet stain to pure white snow,

How powerful! We’re cleansed, we’re washed!


We’re free, unbound from chains that held.

We have returned from slavery.

Such joy, such rest! We’re home, how blessed!

It’s Christ! He’s here as Jubilee!

A feast is spread, it’s Christ Himself,

Our food, our drink eternally.

No condemnation but a call

To eat and drink and merry be!

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갓맨 에세이 218회

두 종류의 십사만 사천

지방교회스토리 유튜브 :

지방교회스토리 카카오TV :

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생명이만나 394회

땅 끝까지 이르러 내 증인이 되리라


(행1:8) 그러나 성령께서 여러분 위에 임하시면 여러분이 능력을 받아 예루살렘과
온 유대와 사마리아에서 그리고 땅 끝까지 이르러 내 증인이 될 것입니다.

지방교회동영상채널 유튜브 :

지방교회동영상채널 카카오TV :

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