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O there’s One in me Who

new song


O there’s One in me who

Is the most lovely One

In the whole universe—

I just love Him.


He has made me fall in love

With Him more and more each day:

And for now that I’m in love—

I’ll always stay.

For my Jesus has captured my heart.

He has wrecked me with all He can impart.

He drew me to Himself,

Now I love nothing else.

His beauty, love and charm won my heart.


As the days go on and on

There’s a hold that is so strong.

A tide floods all my being—

For I’m in love.


There’s a face I long to see

Whose arms will embrace me.

As I rest in this sweet place

I love Him more and more.

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기름 부으시는 영으로 그리스도를 체험함


그러므로 이스라엘 온 집은 확실히 알아 두십시오.
여러분이 십자가에 못 박은 이 예수님을 하나님께서
주님과 그리스도가 되게 하셨습니다. 

마지막 아담은 생명주시는 영이 되셨습니다.

지방교회 이만나 유튜브 :

지방교회 이만나 카카오TV :

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    모든 것을 포함하신 그 영과 연합된 영! 주 예수 그리스도의 기름부으심을 체험합니다.

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Nearer Each Day To Me

new song


Nearer each day to me,

Dearer each day to me,

This Person inside me is

Becoming reality.

Saving me, loving me,

Faith and hope giving me.

You’re all the world to me Jesus, my Lord.


Even when faith is small,

When there’s no hope at all,

I hear Him say to me,

Trust in Me and you’ll see,

That I’ll supply all your needs,

If only you will believe.

All anxious doubts will cease,

While trusting in Me.

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  1. 신뢰 2020.02.18 06:24  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    날이 갈수록 주 예수님과 더 가까이 더 친밀하게 더 사랑스럽게 연합되기를! 당신만을 신리합니다!

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Just One Touch


Just one touch of You, dear Lord,

Just one look into Your eyes,

Just one kiss from You,

You’re all I need, my Love.

Let me hear again Your voice.

You are now my final choice.

Speak in love to me.

I’ll waste myself on Thee.

  Nothing and no one can satisfy me

    but You anymore.

Jesus, I love You, my only desire.

Oh Lord, I just love You.


Let me touch You as before,

Craving for You more and more,

You’re the very best!

I’ll drop the rest for You.

Oh, the kisses of Your mouth

Make my lips to praise and shout.

Lord, You’re full of grace

Oh, what a taste my Love!

  Nothing and no one can satisfy me

    but You anymore.

Jesus, my first Love, oh set me on fire

For You, my only desire.


Just infuse me with Your eyes.

Oh! This union satisfies!

As I gaze on You.

I’m filled with You, my Love.

Only You alone will do.

I can’t make it without You.

Keep me close to You,

Just joined to You as one.

  Nothing and no one can satisfy me

    but You anymore.

Jesus, I love You, my only desire.

Oh, set my heart on fire.


I repent and now return,

Grant my heart for You to burn.

Flame in me this zeal.

Lord, be in me so real!

I repent and now return,

Grant my heart for You to burn.

Flame in me this zeal.

Lord, be in me so real!

  Jesus, my first Love! Oh Jesus, my best Love,

    I now return to You.

Jesus, my first Love! Oh Jesus, my best Love,

I love You. I just love You!

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  1. 단 한번 2020.02.07 07:06  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    주 예수님, 당신만이 유일한 으뜸의 사랑, 필요, 만족...

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Immersed With Thy Love

new song


Immersed in Thy love;

Fresher than morning dew;

Here I’m kept away from every earthly care.

Such tender feeling;

Caressed by my Beloved;

You’re the loveliest, much fairer than the fair.

  Moments with You,

How affectionate!

Now I seize this opportunity to say

That I love You.

I will be with You all my days, come what may.


I cannot help it,

I’m so in love with You;

For I’ve tasted Your divine heavenly wine.

I’m soaked with Thy love,

I pour my all on You.

What my future holds for me, my Lord are Thine.


I’m so attracted

By Your constraining love,

And Your Name is sweet as ointment poured forth.

I’m captivated

By Your dear Person, Lord.

Draw me from this age to pursue only You...

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  1. 사랑 2020.01.28 06:50  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    주 예수님, 당신과 함께하는 순간순간이 얼마나 사랑스러운지!

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Lord, How Long, Dear Bridegroom


Lord, how long, dear Bridegroom,

’Til You come, Lord, how soon?

Don’t delay for that coming day, coming day.

Grant me, Lord, to be filled

With You, Lord, every day.

Dearest Lord, take me all the way.

  Come, Lord Jesus,

Please come, dear Bridegroom;

Precious One, come soon, come soon.

Lord, consume me!

Oh Lord, don’t let me stray,

Faithful to You all the way.


Lord, make home in all my heart

In my secret, deepest parts,

Hidden, Lord, and reserved for You, for You.

You would be preeminent

In all things and all events,

Possessed by Thee to this extent.


In my prayer and deepest plea

In my spirit always be

Saturated and soaked with Thee, with Thee.

This would be my life daily.

Every hour expecting Thee,

This I pray, Lord, desperately!


The universe, in it we see,

In the sweetest touch of Thee,

You’re my choice and my destiny, destiny.

Lord, whate’er the price may be,

Lord, Amen, let it be!

Oh, my Love, please come back quickly!


In Your love I am constrained.

What’s within, I can’t contain.

Lord, I can’t any more restrain, restrain.

In Your love, I’ll pour on Thee.

And the church, Your Bride to be,

This my choice voluntarily.

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The Best Love for the Lord


Loving You, Lord’s all I’m living for;

Loving You, Lord, to the uttermost.

Lord, forgive me if I’ve left my first love,

That’s the bridal love to You.

You are more than any one I love.

You are more than anything I have,

Even my dear self; nothing can compare

To my beloved Bridegroom.

I give You the first place in all things by faith.

Let nothing take Your place in all my heart.

Infuse me with Yourself abundantly

’Til we meet, dear Lord.

I’ll love You with the best love.


You’ve the right to take all that I love,

But replace it with Yourself much more.

You are what I need, give Yourself to me,

Do not give all that I want.

Everything is sure to pass away,

Everyone is going their own way.

But I still have You and You have me too,

Loving one another’s sweet.


I treasure my time alone with You,

Just to gain the best love You long for.

My dearest Husband, draw me with Yourself

Into Your chambers right now.

Be the first in all my work and life,

Be the first in all my service too.

In relationships, You must be the first;

Have preeminence in me.

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Something Every Heart Is Loving

new tune


Something every heart is loving:

  If not Jesus, none can rest;

Lord, my heart to Thee is given;

  Take it, for it loves Thee best.


Thus I cast the world behind me;

  Jesus most beloved shall be;

Beauteous more than all things beauteous,

  He alone is joy to me.


Bright with all eternal radiance

  Is the glory of Thy face;

Thou art loving, sweet, and tender,

  Full of pity, full of grace.


When I hated, Thou didst love me,

  Shedd’st for me Thy precious blood;

Still Thou lovest, lovest ever,

  Shall I not love Thee, my God?


Keep my heart still faithful to Thee,

  That my earthly life may be

But a shadow to that glory

  Of my hidden life in Thee.

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Lord There's Nothing in This World

new song

Lord, there’s nothing in this world like You;

You fill me up completely.

And I would never give You up for anything

Because nothing else could satisfy me so.


People think that they can find

Satisfaction, peace of mind.

Everything leads to another,

But I’ve found the best.


No more trying something else,

Or thinking that there’s something more;

No more hoping “someday,”

’Cause today I have the best.


Looking not at failures past,

Hoping not in future dreams;

Not wishing I were different,

Knowing everything’s the best.

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  1. 아멘 2019.11.20 06:59  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    아멘! 주 예수님, 당신이 함께하시므로 오늘이 바로 최고의 날이며, 당신의 임재로 인해 모든 것이 최상의 것이 됩니다. 모든 것을 포함하신 당신의 부드러운 돌보심을 늘 누리게 하소서!

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Kiss the Son

new song

Kiss the Son, kiss the One

Who for love to me has come,

Cheering me, charming me,

And has died upon the tree,

He died for me, saving me,

Now His Spirit joins to me,

I’ve kissed the Son!


Serving in my mingled spirit

In the gospel of His Son,

First receiving Christ the Spirit;

He’s the processed Triune One.


Jesus Christ in our experience

Is the worship God desires;

This true worshipping in spirit

Is the service God requires.


Serving Christ, just let Him kiss you,

Living with Him all the day,

Worshipping God by our living

Is the gospel-serving way.


In the Body let us serve Him,

Nothing natural, there, can be;

Through Christ’s death and resurrection,

Worship in reality.

(End with chorus)

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