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(계3:20~21) 보아라, 내가 문 밖에 서서, 문을 두드린다. 누구든지 나의 음성을 듣고 문을 열면, 내가 그에게 들어가 그와 함께 먹고, 그는 나와 함께 먹을 것이다. 이기는 이에게는, 내가 이기고 나서 나의 아버지의 보좌에 아버지와 함께 앉은 것과 같이, 나의 보좌에 나와 함께 앉도록 해 주겠다.


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찬양 560회

I heard the voice of the Lord

new song


I heard the voice of the Lord

Saying, Whom shall I send?

I heard the voice of the Lord

Saying, Who will go for us?

And I said, I’m here, send me, Lord.

I pour out the cost of my life;

My future is vain—my destiny’s Christ;

Christ is everything!


The people who know their God

Will rise up and show strength!

People who thus know their God

Will take action and move!

We will spread You, Lord, through the earth.

Lord, make us faithful to the end,

Our life and our all be utterly spent,

Spent for the church.


Who’ll bring Your kingdom to come?

These whose hearts are burned with fire.

Who will fight the spiritual war?

They descend as mighty ones!

O Lord Jesus, capture our hearts;

Lord make Your desire our desire!

Your worth’s nothing less than all of our life!

Our life’s to bring You back!

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