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One day as the Lord passed a well,
A woman so thirsty was there.
He was not content until
He left her the water that’s real, pure, and clear.

Oh, come see a man,
Oh, come see a man,
Who told me all things that ever I did.
Is this not the Christ?
Is this not the Christ?
He fills me forever and ever! Amen.

He spoke words that I’d never heard,
Yet how He did stir up my thirst!
He spoke of the water that lives,
To all who are thirsty, He freely will give.

Now this living water have I!
I drink and I soar to the sky!
His praises now fill all the air
Because I am speaking Him, now, everywhere!

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지방교회 찬송가 846회

Come see a Man

new song


One day as the Lord passed a well,

A woman so thirsty was there.

He was not content until

He left her the water that’s real, pure, and clear.

Oh, come see a man,

Oh, come see a man,

Who told me all things that ever I did.

Is this not the Christ?

Is this not the Christ?

He fills me forever and ever! Amen.


He spoke words that I’d never heard,

Yet how He did stir up my thirst!

He spoke of the water that lives,

To all who are thirsty, He freely will give.


Now this living water have I!

I drink and I soar to the sky!

His praises now fill all the air

Because I am speaking Him, now, everywhere!

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