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Lord, how I thank You that
You died on the cross for me.
Your mercy, my Savior, reached me.
And Lord, You paid the highest price,
My life bought with Your shed blood,
My life now belongs, Lord, to You.
And Lord, how can I turn away from Your love,
The eternal love which You have for me?
I give You my heart;
Lord, spread in every part,
Till my whole heart belongs to You.

Lord gain my heart so that
It is single and pure for You.
No other love, Lord would I know.
Lord I am so in love with You.
For You are so lovely,
My everything, my all in all.
And Lord, I really want to know
This Person inside of me.
Lord, keep my heart open to You.
Keep flowing Your life,
Into me that I would grow,
And be saturated with You.

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찬송가 549 - Sisters - Lord How I Thank You - 지방교회들 찬송가

찬송가 549 - Sisters - Lord How I Thank You - 지방교회들 찬송가

Lord, how I thank You that You died on the cross for me. Your mercy, my Savior, reached me. And Lord, You paid the highest price, My life bought with Your shed blood, My life now belongs, Lord, to You. And Lord, how can I turn away from Your love, The eternal love which You have for me? I give You my heart; Lord, spread in every part, Till my whole heart belongs to You. Lord gain my heart so that It is single and pure for You. No other love, Lord would I know. Lord I am so in love with You. For You are so lovely, My everything, my all in all. And Lord, I really want to know This Person inside of me. Lord, keep my heart open to You. Keep flowing Your life, Into me that I would grow, And be saturated with You.

1. 감사해- 주님께서 날 위해 죽으사 그의 자비- 흘러넘쳐 오 주님께서 가장 값진 보혈의 대가로 내 생명을 구속했네 나 어찌 그 사랑 떠날 수 있나 영원하신 주님의 사랑을 내 모든 것을 주님께 드리리 내 온 마음 얻으소서 2. 내 마음- 주님 향해 단순하게 하사 다른 사랑- 내려놓고 오 사랑스런 주님만을 보배로 여기게 내 마음 눈 밝히소서 오 주님의 귀함 알기 원하네 내 맘 주께 열어 드립니다 내 깊은 곳에 흘러들어 오사 내 온 존재 적시소서