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  1. 2021.01.29 지방교회 찬송가 873회 - O there’s One in me Who
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지방교회 찬송가 873회

O there’s One in me Who

new song


O there’s One in me who

Is the most lovely One

In the whole universe—

I just love Him.


He has made me fall in love

With Him more and more each day:

And for now that I’m in love—

I’ll always stay.

For my Jesus has captured my heart.

He has wrecked me with all He can impart.

He drew me to Himself,

Now I love nothing else.

His beauty, love and charm won my heart.


As the days go on and on

There’s a hold that is so strong.

A tide floods all my being—

For I’m in love.


There’s a face I long to see

Whose arms will embrace me.

As I rest in this sweet place

I love Him more and more.

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