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찬송가 244 - What a wonderful church life - 지방교회 찬송가

*출처 / 번안:Praisenote*


What a wonderful church life,

All the saints truly are one,

No matter where and who we are,

    We are one!

Nothing can set us apart,

For we have the same life,

Although Satan tried and tried,

    We are one!

 We are, we are, we are one in Christ!

Abiding in the true vine,

Receiving all the riches of the life divine,

    We are one!

We are, we are, we are one in Christ!

Growing in the tree of life,

In Him we fellowship unto eternal life,

    We are one!


What a glorious church life,

Christ in us has made us one,

Eating the tree of life,

    We are one!

How can we ever depart

Such a sweet and blessed life?

Christ in us and we in Christ!

    We are one!