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지방교회 찬송가 - In, In, In - 찬송가 329번

The Church in Oklahoma City - This Divine Romance - In, In, In

One of the last things that the Son said, before He died and rose up from the dead,

Was that He'd go prepare a place for us, that where He is we too could be.


He said: "In my Father, In Me, In you, in that day you'll know

I'm in my Father, you're in Me and I am in you."

He spoke of going and returning. He'd send the Spirit (whom we already knew).

He said He would not leave us orphans, because He lives we would live too.


God became a man just like you and me.

Lived a human life  Oh, so perfectly.

Died an all-inclusive death and then He rose up to become 

the all-inclusive, compound, life-giving, indwelling Spirit.

Then breathing into His disciples He told them, "Receive ye the Holy Breath".

This the fulfillment of what He had spoken, "In that day I will be in you."


So now today we're coinhering. We dwell in Him and He is dwelling in us.

We're in the sweet incorporation of God and man, how glorious!