posted by 지방교회 스토리 2019. 1. 11. 00:00

지방교회 찬송가 - Lord, Keep My Heart Always True to You

1. Lord, keep my heart always true to You, Never backsliding, always viewing You,

A heart that is pure that sees only You, A heart that loves You and treasures only You. 

Your love constrains me to give my all to You. Lord, I can’t help it; my heart is drawn to You. 

Oh what a privilege! I give myself to You! I love You, Lord, dearest Lord. I love You! I just love You!

2. Lord, keep my love burning brightly for You, A love never dwindling always hot for You,

A love, shining brighter all the way for You, A love, so fresh like the day I first touched You.

3. Lord, take my life, I present it to You! If I had a thousand, I’d pour all on You!

Nothing withholding, my all is for You. My life and my future, dear Lord, is all for You.