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찬양 387회

God’s Kingdom today

영어찬송 947장

Hymn 947  



AUTHOR: Witness Lee

COMPOSER: Philip P. Bliss

1 God’s Kingdom today is a real exercise,

  But when Christ comes to reign it will be a great prize;

  It is wisdom divine that we now may be trained

  That His plan be fulfilled and His justice maintained.

2 God’s children, we’re born to be kings with His Son,

  And we need to be trained that we may overcome

  And to know how to rule in His kingdom as kings,

  That His kingship thru us be expressed o’er all things.

3 Today we must learn to submit to His throne,

  How to have a strict life and His government own;

  His authority then we’ll be able to share,

  o’er the nations to rule with God’s Son as the heir.

4 With a life strict to self we must righteousness hold,

  Kind to others in peace, and with God joyful, bold;

  In the Kingdom’s reality e’er to remain,

  For its manifestation prepared thus to reign.

5 Then Christ when He comes with the kingdom from God

  Will to us grant His kingship to share as reward;

  Thus the Lord will His righteousness thru us maintain

  And His wisdom to heavenly powers make plain.

6 For this the Apostle pressed on at all cost,

  For the Kingdom assured that he would not be lost;

  ’Tis for this he charged others, Be true to the Lord.

  That the Kingdom might be unto them a reward.

7 O Lord, give us grace for Thy Kingdom to live,

  To be trained that Thou may the reward to us give;

  Make the Kingdom’s reality our exercise,

  That its manifestation may be our great prize.

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