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찬양 435회

Keep Spreading, Lord


In my love for You, 

Through Your love for me,

Overflowing from within,

In my touch with You,

Being touched by Thee,

I’m abiding, grafted in;

Now Your life bears fruit;

It’s surpassing all 

I could say or do;

Keep spreading, Lord.

Keep spreading, Lord.


As I dwell in You,

You’re indwelling me;

That Your building work increase.

As I’m born of You,

You’ve been born in me,

That full-growth, this life would reach.

So I open wide,

Ever more abide,

In my every part.

Keep spreading Lord,

Keep spreading Lord.


Keep spreading through my mind,

My emotion, will,

Every day renewing

My being till

I’m fully saturated with You.


In my heart for You,

Through Your heart for me,

From eternity through time;

In my work for You,

Through Your work in me,

I am resting in the vine.

I now clearly see

All things sovereignly

Work toward Your goal;

So till You return,

Keep spreading Lord.

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