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I Live and Yet Not I

new song


I live and yet not I,

For Christ He lives in me.

The life I live in the flesh now

Is Christ, just Christ, to be.

  O what a marvelous hope, Lord,

To find myself in You,

And in experience my boasting,

To know You through and through.


O what a wondrous existence,

Of all which is most blessed.

You see, Lord, I am now softened

To take from You what’s best.

  It’s not my fervent resolve, Lord,

Nor e’en my love untrue.

It’s You in me Who is doing,

What I for You couldn’t do.


From every other attraction—

Be faithful, break me free.

Though smarting, Lord, from Love’s action,

Each wound draws me to Thee.

  You see each end from beginning;

Take me through each dark phase;

As long, Lord, as love conforms me,

Fits me to meet You that day.


So here we are, dear Lord Jesus,

And may Your precious hand,

Accomplish all that You’ve purposed,

All that You’ve for us planned.

  You are our one destination,

You are our destiny.

These days, just for our preparing,

Will leave what in memory?


In us, Lord, gain all You’re after,

In us, Lord, gain Your Bride.

In us, be so very blessed.

In us, be satisfied.

  As we, Lord, become Your fullness

And You in us reside,

Keep us, dear Lord, in Your love-bonds,

As mutually we abide.

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