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My old man has been crucified with Him

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My old man has been crucified with Him,

With all its foul corruption deep within;

And buried too its nature serpentine,

Completely finished—this great fact is mine,

  I hold it fast.


But there’s a Person in my spirit now,

Born as a babe so small, so weak, so low;

Who by the Word’s pure milk will grow to be

The overcoming inner man in me

  To gain my heart.


Christ as my Person must possess my heart

And be preeminent in every part.

The former owner died but haunts it still.

O Lord, move in; my mind, emotion, will

  Now welcome Thee.


In spirit mingled, we are one, O Lord,

The human and divine in one accord;

Yet Thou must have a proper faculty

That all Thy glorious personality

  May be expressed.


So, Lord, I give my heart to Thee today,

That it may be Thy home in every way,

A place for Thee to come and settle down,

And all Thy grand recovery work to crown

  In one new man.

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