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찬양 511회

There are Times


There are times in my life

When my heart is embittered.

There are questions unanswered,

Yet, You’re drawing me

  To enter

Into Your blessed sanctuary

And turning my eyes heavenward,

The questions of constant inquiry

Are changed to these words,


Whom do I have in heaven

But You, dear Jehovah.

My flesh and my heart

Constantly fail,

  But God’s still

The strength of my heart and my portion;

To Him forever I’ll draw near.

I’ve made Jehovah my sweet refuge.

So now throughout the years


Turn my view to see You,

How I need to see Jesus!!

Though I don’t understand

The ways that You take;

  Lord, make me

A babe and suckling always praising.

Enjoying Your worth day by day.

Let each experience constitute me

So Your life I’ll display

In every way.

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