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What a Victory!

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What a victory! What a triumph!

God Himself became a man,

Clothed Himself in human nature

To fulfill His mighty plan.

He through death destroyed the devil;

Risen now, the Son of Man!


Jesus by His human virtues

Did the subtle one arrest;

He as man withstood the tempter,

Fully passed through every test.

Now in spirit I can take Him,

All His virtues to possess.


In the Spirit of this Jesus

Is His human life so fine.

Human virtues have been added

To the Spirit all divine.

What abundance in this Spirit,

Rich supply for all mankind!


How mysterious! Yet how real!

Such a man now lives in me.

Into all my heart He’s spreading—

He, my human life, to be.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I will praise unceasingly.


Oh, what wonder! Oh, how glorious!

God in flesh is manifest.

We the members of His Body

His humanity express.

For the building of God’s dwelling

We His human life possess.

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