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new song


If you’ve lost all your possessions

And you’re feeling the oppressions,

There’s a gift of grace to you who would believe;

There’s no high requirement from you,

Jesus Christ, Whose blood redeemed you,

Is the One who is forgiveness, just receive!

  There’s good news on your horizon—(Shout) Jubilee!

There’s a gospel worth announcin’—(Shout) Just believe!

It’s the word for which you’re waiting,

It’s a gift worth celebrating,

Hear the trumpet, how elating—Be set free....

To enjoy the Lord, receive abundant grace,

Just enjoy the Lord, behold His shining face,

In the Jubilee! Just believe! Be set free!

In the Jubilee!


Through Christ’s words of grace and mercy,

There’s no shortage, lack, or worry,

Don’t be bothered, vexed, or feel anxiety;

In the Jubilee of grace where

All our debt has been erased there,

We are happy, joyful, filled with ecstasy!


When Christ is our satisfaction

And our one unique attraction,

Christ, the Savior, has become our Jubilee;

Everything is satisfying

When in all Christ is supplying

All the riches found in God’s economy!

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