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찬양 668회

 How can I ever stay away

영어찬송 471장 (new tune)


How can I ever stay away

And grieve Thy Spirit all the day

While Thou dost wait for me?

I now am willing to return,

And wait no longer, for I yearn

Henceforth to follow Thee.


I offer now without reserve

All that I am and all I have

Thy purpose to fulfill.

Oh, may the Lord accept and keep,

That henceforth I may only seek

To do the Father’s will.


When I look back, what grief and shame

That I’ve brought none to trust Thy name,

Thy word I’ve locked within.

Oh, may the Lord anointing give

And richly through my being live,

That I may speak of Him.


My gracious Lord has giv’n much grace,

Exceeding e’en a friend my place;

I fain would be His bride.

I’d share His life and suffer loss,

Accepting willingly the cross,

With Him identified.

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