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From the time I spoke Your name

new song


From the time I spoke Your name,

Lord, my life’s not been the same

Since I called on the only One who’d save me.

When forsaken, in despair—

Who’d have thought that You’d be there!

Now I’ve found out, Jesus, You’re alive!

  Now my eyes begin to see

I’m living as I ought to be,

As this turning, burning God

moves in my heart...

I don’t care now how I feel;

I just know that this is real,

And I know, oh Jesus, You’re alive!


All my friends might think it’s square—

Since I touched You, I don’t care—

For I’ve found You’re the only life worth living.

Though some mock and criticize,

Lord, they just don’t realize

That I’ve found out, Jesus, You’re alive!


It’s no statue that I call,

Not a picture on the wall,

But a person who lives His life within me.

Wish they’d told me long before,

All You want’s an open door

And that really, Jesus, You’re alive!

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