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Born of My Father

new song


Born of my father, descended from Adam,

A life in my flesh is God’s enemy.

I have inherited God’s condemnation,

Death and sin were reigning in me.


But love eternal appeared and He called me,

Out from the lost and hopeless race.

Into His Son now I have been transferred,

Born of the Spirit, into His grace.


I am God’s child now, free to enjoy Him.

The Spirit of Life is reigning in me.

Christ is my walking, my living, my breathing,

All that I have and ever will be.


Chosen and guided into His purpose,

From individual to corporate man.

Now in His Body, we can experience

All the unlimited grace of His plan.


This is the mystery hidden from ages.

For this God brought us from sinner to son.

Practical church life, daily transforming

Into the oneness, God’s expression.

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