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Though I love You Lord

new song


Though I love You, Lord,

My life seems all deformed.

I give my life to You—

Then drift away.

Lord, may I ask You that You’d draw me yet again,

And keep me running after You.

Lord, I’ve seen Your purpose.

Your heart’s unveiled to me.

Now I’d just like to see You gain me fully.

Though You I often limit

And fail by compromise,

Keep me in the index of Your eyes.


Lord, I want Your best.

I want Your full blessing.

I don’t want any less,

Though good it be.

Have mercy, Lord, to push, to pull, lay hold of me.

Keep me still running toward the prize.


Mold me, shape me, Lord.

Be my reality.

Even break my heart,

If it has to be.

I’m desperate, Lord, that You would have Your way with me.

Others could touch You then through me.


Set my heart aflame.

Don’t let me stay the same.

Don’t let things remain

Which now grieve You.

My life I give to You and all I’ve claimed as mine.

May I just hold, Lord, unto You.

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