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Abba Father

new song


Abba, Father, hear our cry,

Mingled spirit deep within.

Abba, Father,

Abba, Father.


Thank You, Father, for sending Him;

The Spirit of Your Son Who cries within.


Oh! How sweet is Abba’s Name

From our spirit through our heart.


Every moment this mingled cry;

To Your Beloved we’re joined thereby.


Day by day, this cry so new;

In Your Son we come back to You.


In Your bosom here we’ll stay,

In Your Son and never stray.

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    아멘! 아바 아버지! 당신께서 아들 안에서 그 영으로 지금 우리 믿는이들 안에 사랑으로 살아계심을 인하여, 오늘도 당신의 품 안에서 안식하며, 당신과 날이 갈수록 더욱더 깊이 하나되는 삶을 살기를 간구합니다!