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지방교회 에세이 206회

어린양과의 결혼 조건

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지방교회 생명이만나 336회

생명의 성숙


(롬8:37) 그러나 이 모든 일에서 우리는 우리를 사랑하시는 그분을 통해 넉넉히 이깁니다.

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찬양 576회

Lovers of Christ


Lovers of Christ in His ascension—

Enjoy the riches of His life.

She becomes His private garden

With its fountain, fruit, and spice.

Christ is hers and she is Christ’s dear love.


She is as beautiful as Tirzah

As lovely as Jerusalem.

Through her living in Christ’s ascension

Her dear heart is now His home.

She’s become the sanctuary of God.


Who is this woman I am seeing?

Shining forth as the moon and sun.

She is absolutely heavenly,

From the old creation free;

Overcoming all to live within the veil.


An army terrible with banners

Christ’s lovers overcome to be.

Those attracted by His beauty,

Fully trusting in His power.

Her romance is now the dances of two camps.


The Shulamite, His duplication,

His counterpart has now become.

She’s the same in life and nature,

His expression to the full;

Consummated as the New Jerusalem.

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찬양 567회

팔십 세의 모세가 되기까지

우리는 누구도 정죄하지 않고

누구에게도 요구하지 않고

다만 사랑하고 다만 이해하고

다만 용서할 수 있는

누구도 받을 수 있는

생명의 사람이 되기까지

얼마나 자신을 보아야 하는지

얼마나 많은 실패 필요한지

얼마나 약해져야 하며

또 얼마나 감소되어야만 하는지

팔십 세의 모세가 되기까지

지방교회 찬송가