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찬양 671회

I have come to the Fountain of Life

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I have come to the Fountain of Life,

A fountain that flows from above;

I have passed from the waters of strife

And come to the Elim of love;

I have drunk of the heavenly well,

In the depths of my being it springs.

No mortal can measure or tell

The gladness the Comforter brings.

  Oh, come to the Fountain of Life,

The fountain that never runs dry;

Oh, drink of the boundless supply,

  For Christ is the Fountain of Life.


I have come to the Fountain of Blood

That for guilt and uncleanness doth flow;

I have washed in its sin-cleansing flood

And my garments are whiter than snow.

I count not my righteousness mine—

’Tis Jesus that lives in my soul.

I partake of His nature divine,

And in Him I am perfectly whole.


I have come to the Fountain of Health,

A boundless and endless supply;

’Tis a secret man’s wisdom or wealth

Can never discover or buy.

But the secret my Lord hath revealed

In the fountain that flows from His side,

In the stripes by whose pain we are healed,

In Himself as He comes to abide.


I have come to the Fountain of Joy;

His joy is the strength of my heart.

My delight is unmixed with alloy,

My sunshine can never depart.

The fig tree may wither and die,

Earth’s pleasures and prospects decline;

But my fountains can never be dry—

My portion, my joy is divine.

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찬양 561회

나의 영 안에는 흐르는 샘 있네

1060- 나의 영 안에는 흐르는 샘 있네

1- 나의 영 안에는 흐르는 샘 있네 삼일 하나님 흐르시네-

원천은 아버지 아들은 솟는 샘 그 영은 내게 생명 주네-

2- 푸른 초장에서 나는 쉼을 얻네 물가에서 난 안식하네-

스스로의 힘과 헛된 노력 버려 흐름 가운데 축복 얻네-

3- 휘장에 들어가 주와 살게 하려 주님은 나를 부르셨네-

주 음성 듣고서 주 안에 거하리 포도나무의 가지이니-


달콤한 흐름 사랑하리- 혼의 생명을 부인케 해-

오 주여 더욱 흐르소서- 생명 면류관 얻기까지-

지방교회 찬송가