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  1. 2021.12.29 찬송가 1029회 - Draw Me, Lord
posted by 지방교회 스토리 2021. 12. 29. 00:10

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Draw me, Lord;
Lest these earthly cares consume
My driven soul.
Move me Lord;
As a coursing river turns
Within Thine hands.

Draw me, Lord!
Draw me, Lord!

Capture me;
Be the conqueror of this
Wild, charging mare.
Win me Lord,
And subdue all pow’r of self
To yield to Thee.

Draw me, Lord;
Ev’ry heartbeat tends to drift
My course from Thee.
Draw me, Lord;
I would gladly let Thee win
And yield my sword.

Draw me, Lord;
Oh, Thy love compels me as
An ocean’s tide!
Draw me, Lord;
For Thy drawing maketh hearts
To fast pursue.

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