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O Lord, Thy Boundless Love to Me

new tune


O Lord, Thy boundless love to me

No thought can reach, no tongue declare;

Oh, knit my thankful heart to Thee,

And reign without a rival there;

Thine wholly, Thine alone I am;

Lord, with Thy love my heart inflame.


Oh, grant that nothing in my soul

May dwell but Thy pure love alone;

Oh, may Thy love possess me whole,

My joy, my treasure, and my crown;

All coldness from my heart remove;

May every act, word, thought, be love.


O Love, how cheering is Thy ray,

All pain before Thy presence flies;

Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away,

Where’er Thy healing beams arise;

Lord Jesus, nothing may I see,

And naught desire, or seek, but Thee.

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지방교회 찬송가 - O Lord, Thou Art in Me as LIfe


O Lord, Thou art in me as life And everything to me!

Subjective and available, Thus I experience Thee.


O Lord, Thou art the Spirit! How dear and near to me!

How I admire Thy marvelous Availability!


To all my needs both great and small Thou art the rich supply;

So ready and sufficient too For me now to apply.


Thy sweet anointing with Thy might In weakness doth sustain;

By Thy supply of energy My strength Thou dost maintain.


Thy law of life in heart and mind My conduct regulates;

The wealth of Thy reality My being saturates.


O Thou art ever one with me, Unrivaled unity!

One spirit with me all the time For all eternity!

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