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Christ has come to be life, the processed divine Trinity.
God the Father’s the source, a fountain emerging to be.
God the Son as a gushing up spring,
And the Spirit’s a river for life imparting
Oh how can this miracle be? The Triune God flowing in me!
Oh, I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!
I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!

As this life flows through me, I’m supplied abundantly.
His life nullifies sin! Power springs now from within!
To be free, overcoming spontaneously.

Yet this life though it frees, is not meant for mere victory.
God is full of intent and never could flow aimlessly.
So this life has a totality, a consummate issue encompassing me.
Life moves and life grows, life shapes as it flows
Now I share in this life’s destiny.
Oh, I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!
I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!

We’ll abide mutually, God and man revealed to be
Lamb, Wife, Spirit, and Bride.
Come! Drink! And riverside,
Grows the tree, our enjoyment for eternity!

So I’ve no cause to frown as one who’s received this zoe.
I know life runs its course and triumphs inevitably.
I’m required just to stay in the flow,
If I do the drinking then God gives the growth.
So there’s joy in my heart, and a spring in my step,
And a smile on my face as I sing,
Oh, I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!
I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being!

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posted by 지방교회 스토리 2019. 1. 16. 01:03

지방교회 찬송가 349번

I Love My Master


I love my Master, and I will not go out free.

For He has died for me, the highest price He has paid for me.

I love my Master, I will serve Him willingly. 

Remaining near, and close to Him this my plea.

  I love You Master, from You I will never leave.

You are my liberty, and my joy complete.

I love my Master, and I will not go out free.

To Him I give my all, my life eternally!


Oh Jesus, Master, to the door post now bring me.

Open my ears to hear, Your voice and all that You say to me.

Oh Jesus, Master, I will obey willingly.

To love and serve Him all my life, this my plea!

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  1. BlogIcon zoe zo 2019.01.16 07:58  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    Amen! Oh Jesus, my Master, I will obey willingly.
    To love and serve You all my life, this my plea!

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    우리에 귀를열어 말씀을 듣게하소서

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    주님을 마음과 뜻과 힘을 다해 사랑합니다