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찬송가 601 -Take me Lord and filled with Your - New Zealand Saints - 지방교회 찬송가

*출처 / 번안:Praisenote*

Take me Lord, and fill me with Your dear Self,

Till my whole being is one with You.

Lord, I’m willing to open to You

Every moment in my life;

Fully trusting You, to live Your dream

For Your rest and expression.

Beside You I have no one

In heaven or on the earth.

To You, dear Lord, I give my all.

I will not let You go.

Make Your desire my heart’s desire

For our goal, the New Jerusalem.

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    나를 붙드시고 나를 채우소서. 오직 주님밖에 내게 아무도 없나이다~~

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    주님만이 나를 만족케 하시는 분이십니다. 저도 주님의 갈망을 만족시키는 사람이 되게 하소서

  3. Favicon of BlogIcon 연기둥 2018.09.01 11:16 신고  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    주님을 믿고 의지하는 삶은 행복합니다