posted by 달콤한 지방교회 스토리 2018.10.03 05:00

지방교회 찬송가 Cast Thy Care Upon the Lord 

1. Cast thou thy care upon the Lord, The care that loads thy heart;
Take Him this moment at His word, And let Him do His part.

2. The need is deep, the care is great, The burden hard to bear;
Roll it on Him with all its weight, And leave it resting there.

3. This heavy thing, it is His gift, His portion, thee to bless;
Give it Him back; what He shall lift No more on thee shall press.

4. Cast all thy care, and not a part, The great things and the small;
The Lord’s all-loving, mighty heart Has room and thought for all.

5. Yes, He will ponder every care, Consider each detail;
Thyself, thy burden, let Him bear; He will not, cannot, fail.