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How Lovely Are Your Tabernacles


How lovely are Your tabernacles,

This my heart doth seek;

Experience of Christ in all

The offerings we bring.

Once God as life supply,

Now Eden’s ground withheld;

To taste the tree of life requires

An entrance once again.

  My soul, my soul longs

For the courts of the Lord;

My heart and flesh cry out

To my God.


At Thy two altars, e’en the

Weakest sparrow may draw near.

The swallow come for refuge and

A nest for tender care.

Redeemed may entrance find,

And offer thus in prayer

The resurrected Christ in His

Ascension, fragrance rare.


In our acceptance, God in peace

Hath made a living way,

Our boldness now for entering

Within the Holiest Place.

Tis’ here within the ark

Eternal portion share.

Incarnate Triune God and we

One testimony bear.


Eternally Thy house of rest;

With God, now consummate,

We’re mingled, one, incorp’rate

In this mutual dwelling place.

The priests who live to God

Elect among man’s race.

Now Christ’s own Body are,

To have His foretaste in this age.

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