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찬양 499회

Lord, I love You more today


Dearest Lord, I come;

This is now my pray’r,

Keep me open to You,

May I always love You.

  Lord, I love You more today,

So much more than yesterday;

Lord, I need You, Lord, I love You.


Now that the choice is mine,

Lord, I still choose You;

’Though the paths be not marked,

I’m still trusting in You.


And if the way is hard,

If things don’t go my way,

Keep my heart soft to You,

Keep me open to You.


Dearest Lord, I pray,

Lead me everyday;

Don’t let things come between,

Keep my eyes fixed on You.


When many years have gone,

And many things have passed,

I will still be for You,

I will still say to You:

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