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Recover My Heart

new song


I just realized dear Lord, You’ve had a longing

Deep within Your heart from the beginning.

Just to have a companion who would match You,

Who would know You, want You, and would love You.

This is why You became a man just like me

So You could know all my feelings and could reach me

Oh You paid such a price, You left Your glory

To gain a people, a bride to live with You...eternally.

  So recover my heart to love You more,

Recover my mind to know You more,

Recover my strength to live You more, O Lord.

I’d be found in You and You in together constantly

Enjoying each other mutually...

Oh this is Your recovery...this meets Your need.


Draw me Lord, together with some others

Who would run after You, and not another.

Make us vital in Your life and purpose

Willing to know You, gain You, and to match You!

Above all, dear Lord, Your need is greater

Since You are the “I AM”—the great Creator!

Matchless One, our Lover, and our dear Bridegroom...

Expecting to realize Your dream in all You have won!

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