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Hidden Behind Every Scene

new song


Hidden behind every scene,

Lovingly, sweetly operating,

One who is sovereign and wise,

Patiently guides even our eyes.

Look at My Son, the Beloved,

Sitting here at My right hand.

Jesus is King, yet He’s bound,

He cannot move until His people

    give Him ground.

 Lord, we see You! Lord, we love You!

Lord, we submit everything to You.

Each day, Your ruling and Your reigning

Brings a sweet supply.

Oh, what a rich blessing!

We’re in the hand of our King.

Everything You hope to accomplish,

    do in me.


In us a small Kingdom seed,

Orders our steps, governs our deeds.

Jesus, enthroned in our hearts,

Gently He touches our every part.

Do you not know you’re the temple

Of your God, King of Kings?

Through us our Lord has a way,

To rule and to reign here on the earth

    day by day.

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