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My heart longs for absolute surrender

new song


My heart longs for absolute surrender

That I’d wholly consecrated be,

Not in word alone but all my being

Would be fully given unto Thee.


There is little willingness within me

To place all I am before Thy feet,

So I lay my hands on Thy dear head, Lord

As the burnt off’ring, perfect, complete.


Lord, You are the only One who offered

Yourself without reluctance unto God;

Full obedience to the Father given,

Absolute, You sacrificed Your all.


As this One, You’re dwelling in my spirit;

Moving, spreading outward day by day.

There’s a whisper of Amen within me

In response to all that You would say.


I say Yes and give You full permission

To touch every corner of my heart;

Break through all the barriers in my being;

Do not let me withhold any part.


’Tis my joy to give You all the ground, Lord;

Make my heart a dwelling place for You;

I want You to be at home within me;

Come and settle down in every room.


Lord, do cleanse my heart from all self-seeking

That I’d truly want nothing but Thee;

Let my soul be occupied, possessed, Lord,

That You would be magnified in me.

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