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I’m walking down the road

new song

I’m walking down the road

That leads to glory.

I’m pressing toward the mark

By enjoying God!

I don’t know so much,

Just to love Him.

I’m walking down the road,

Glory, here I come.


With the brothers and the sisters,

We enjoy Him day by day.

It’s so simple and easy,

Our worries flee away.

Now we’re growing together,

As one big family,

Abiding in the joy of the Lord.


We enjoy You, Lord Jesus,

In our experience.

We’re getting to know You—

It’s making us leap and dance.

Just eating and drinking,

It’s what we do the best,

Delighting in the love of the Lord.


We’re walking, not running,

Cause we’re in the pasture land.

Our Shepherd is nearby,

We’re trusting in His hand.

He’s everything to us,

He’s all we ever need,

Resting in the peace of the Lord.

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    목자이신 그리스도 따라 가며 초장이신 그분을 먹고 누리며 그분 안에서 안식하는 길!