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I Only Need To Call

new song

Oh Lord, Your Name is Sweet! And from it flows

A river full of peace and light and life,

As on it, I cast all my anxious woes.

I need not think! I only need to call.

In this way, I am less, and You are all.

It is so rich to call and to receive—

To soak Your Spirit into all my being.

As I absorb Your riches, I believe

And You are real to me. Oh, but to know

You, dearest Lord, and have a deeper flow!

You are a treasury of endless wealth,

So readily accessible to me!

How great! These riches constitute my health,

My great supply, my strength, my life, my all—

So effortless! I only need to call.

Continually soften all my heart

To cling to You and to receive Your Word.

Lord, make Your home in every inward part,

And, as I call, make deeper every root

That I might grow and bear You richest fruit.

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