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Draw me, Lord, with the bands

new song

w/ Daniel & singtothelord

Draw me, Lord, with the bands,

Of Your love, with cords of man,

Going forth in my being entire;

I’d in harmony stand,

With Your goal, for Your plan

Through Your word, joined to Your heart’s desire

Make me one who would pray

Mingled with God as my faith,

Always praying and not losing heart;

I’d persistently pray,

And through prayer be saved each day,

Not in self but in God fully trusting.

Teach me, Lord, not to waste

but to number all my days

(Ps. 84) Better one day with You than a thousand;

Keep me faithful, in grace

To express You all my days,

In all matters, for Christ’s (Your) propagation.

If I struggle within,

You must never let me win

Lord, defeat me, and conquer me wholly;

Not a half-consecration,

but absolutely giv’n,

Lord, I pay the full price for You solely

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