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Recall how David swore

new song


Recall how David swore,

“I’ll not come into my house,

Nor go up to my bed,

Give slumber to mine eyelids,

Until I find a place for Thee,

A place, O Lord, for Thee.”

Our mighty God desires a home

Where all His own may come.


How blinded we have been:

“We’ll build Your habitation”

When we are short of Christ—

We need Your saturation!

O Lord, You care for our house!

Oh, what a blessed word!

As You’re to God, You’d be to us—

A mutual abode.


There’s nothing that we are

Or have or do well-pleasing;

We need Thee, glorious Christ,

Inwrought into our being.

O Lord, our heart’s still vacant now!

Come in and settle down.

Come saturate and permeate

And fill us with Yourself.


Our spirit You have filled

At our regeneration,

But mind, emotion, will

Await Your saturation.

How much of You is built in us

To make our heart Your home?

O Triune God, we welcome You.

Come build, oh, build in us.


Into our innermost

Intrinsic constitution,

Come, Lord, Yourself dispense

By constant, fresh infusion;

Transform us, Lord, and work Yourself,

As God’s embodiment,

Into our heart, and life each part,

With Your reality.


To build Your house today,

Self-effort You’re refusing—

All stubble, wood, and hay;

Gold, silver, gems, You’re using.

The consummated Triune God

Transmitted into us

Now builds Himself into a home—

His dwelling, glorious.

(Repeat the last four lines)

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