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I Want To Follow Him

new song


Lamb of God—our dear Redeeming One is Christ!

For our sins He paid the highest price

To redeem and to recover us

Who were lost and fallen far from God.

As the Lamb, He had no blemish;

He was meek, even submissive.

How can we like Him obedient be

Unto death, that even of the cross?

  I want to follow Him,

Rest from all my wandering,

End all my endeavoring;

Even though I know not where or

How—I know He cares!

I know He’ll never err;

I know He’ll lead me well.

I know His voice; this now my choice—

Follow where the Lamb would lead.


When He came, though many followed in the way,

Few remained who knew Him and His ways.

Lamb of God—He took  the narrow gate;

The constricted way to life He traced;

Sacrificed, though men denied Him;

Gave His life, though men forsook Him.

How can we t’ward Him still hardened be

When to us He gave all selflessly?


Lord we pray, preserve us faithful in the way

All our days, never to fall away.

By Your grace, keep us pursuing You,

Taking up the cross to follow You.

Consecrate we unreservedly,

Absolute for You entirely.

In our hearts, Lord, let the highways be

Unto Zion single-heartedly.

  Now we will follow Him!

To His call we’re answering,

All we are we’re offering.

New Jerusalem we see

Come down from heav’n to earth!

God and man mingled now,

Our oneness we avow

Eternally, O gloriously!

This is where the Lamb would lead!

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