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Though the World May Promise Me More

new song


Though the world may promise me more,

I’m just made to be filled with the Lord.

Nor is life worth living a day,

For the things that will soon pass away.

Doesn’t matter how rich or successful I’d be,

Or how many pleasures be offered to me.

There’s nothing that compares to my destiny—

To be thoroughly filled with the Lord.


Now although I’m still kind of small,

And the future is in front of me.

In my heart I’ve heard the Lord’s call,

Just to follow Him absolutely.

Though the path may be holding

Much joy or much pain,

What matters is that more of Him I would gain,

Regardless what happens,

I never would change.

’Cause I’m made to be filled with the Lord.

Yes, I’m made to be filled with the Lord.

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