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Blessed to Bless

new song


Thou blessed and kept us in Thy love,

Drawn from the world and brought above.

Thy glorious face hath shined on us,

Grace flowed into our hearts at last!

Then Thou lifted Thy countenance.

Confirmed with us what’s in Thine heart

Threefold blessing for three-part man!

O what a blessing we can stand!

Jesus Lord, we give ourselves to Thee

And with Thy blessing we will serve Thee.

No longer for ourselves alone,

But for Thy Church, we will go on.

Bless us Lord, till we’re fully blessed

Make us persons blessed to bless.


Our doubts and fears are now all gone.

We’re for Thy purpose and Thy plan.

Whatever may befall us—

The Great I Am, we fully trust.

Where’er Thou wilt send us, we’ll go.

Whate’er Thou dispensed, we’ll outflow.

Beget, nourish, perfect, and build,

Till Thy divine plan is fulfilled.


We stand before Thee face to face,

Exhibit how we ran the race.

Now we’re not here with empty hands,

But filled with Jesus and Thy brands.

Thy love, and grace, and fellowship—

All for the Body, not for ’self’.

Threefold blessing for three-part man

Behold the blessings, here we stand!

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