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Jesus, Thy Life Is Mine

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Jesus, Thy life is mine,

Dwell evermore in me;

  And let me see

That nothing can untwine

  Thy life from mine.


Thy life in me be shown,

Lord, I would henceforth seek

  To think and speak

Thy thoughts, Thy words alone,

  No more my own.


Thy love, Thy joy, Thy peace,

Continuously impart

  Unto my heart,

Fresh springs that never cease,

  But still increase.


The blest reality

Of resurrection power,

  Thy Church’s dower,

Life more abundantly,

  Lord, give to me.


Thy fullest gift, O Lord,

Now at Thy word I claim,

  Through Thy dear Name,

And touch the rapturous chord

  Of praise forth-poured.


Jesus, my life is Thine,

And evermore shall be

  Hidden in Thee,

For nothing can untwine

  Thy life from mine.