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찬송가 531 - I have a Friend whose faithful love - 지방교회들 찬송가
New Zealand Saints (Each One Has)

1. I have a Friend, whose faith ful love Is more than all the world to me:
’Tis high er than the heights above, And deeper than the sound less sea;
So old, so new, So strong, so true;
Before the earth received its frame, He loved me Blessed be His name!

2. He held the highest place above, Adored by all the sons of flame,
Yet such His self-denying love, He laid aside His crown and came
To seek the lost, And at the cost
Of heavenly rank and earthly fame He sought me—Blessed be His name!

3. It was a lonely path He trod,
From every human soul apart; Known only to Himself and God
Was all the grief that filled His heart, Yet from the track He turned not back,
Till where I lay in want and shame, He found me—Blessed be His name!

4. Then dawned at last that day of dread, When desolate, yet undismayed,
With wearied frame and thorn-crowned head, He, God-forsaken, man-betrayed,
Was then made sin On Calvary,
And, dying there in grief and shame, He saved me—Blessed be His name!

5. Long as I live my song shall tell The wonders of His dying love;
And when at last I go to dwell With Him His sovereign grace to prove,
My joy shall be His face to see,
And bowing there with loud acclaim I’ll praise Him—Blessed be His name

1. 기묘하신 나의 구주 비할 데 없는 큰 사랑 바다보다도 더 깊고 하늘보다도 더 높네
새롭고도 오랜 사랑 언제나 어디서든지 참된 주 그를 찬양해

2. 존귀한 곳 하늘 보좌 버리고 이 땅에 오셔 잃은 양들 찾으려고 영광 버리고 오셨네
하늘의 복 다 버리고 견고한 그 사랑으로 내 주님 나를 찾았네

3. 외로운 길 가신 주님 동정하는 자 없었네 마음 같이하는 자도 동반자도 없었지만
뒤돌아보지 않고서 나아가신 주님 이제 내 안에 들어오셨네

4. 사람에게 팔린 그 날 사람들의 고소받고 굴욕과 고통 속에서 가시 면류관 쓰고서
채찍 맞으며 골고다 홀로 나 위해 오르신 내 주님 나를 구했네

5. 죽기까지 나는 그를 그 사랑을 간증하리 이 세상의 그 무엇과 바꿀 수 없는 그 사랑
그의 얼굴 친히 뵈올 그날 올 때까지 나는 주님을 찬양 하리라

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