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찬송가 553 - Lord Jesus, You are Lovely - 지방교회들 찬송가

*출처 / 번안:Praisenote*

1. Lord Jesus, You're lovely. You're more to be desired,

Than any earthly pleasure. You're fine, beyond compare.

Lord Jesus, Your beauty Does far exceed all others.

You're comely and You're tender. You're radiant and You're fair.

2. When I behold You Jesus, You draw my heart completely.

I cannot turn away Lord, I rest in Your embrace;

And time is gone there's only Your holy, matchless presence

Abiding in You, gazing Upon Your glorious face.

3. I give my life to You Lord, For You alone are worthy.

There's nothing and there's no one That I desire but You.

May all my days be Yours, Lord, My heart be given to love You,

To treasure and to serve You By Your sufficient grace.