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찬양 591회

Sweeter as the years go by


Of Jesus’ love that sought me,

  When I was lost in sin;

Of wondrous grace that brought me

  Back to His fold again;

Of heights and depths of mercy,

  Far deeper than the sea,

And higher than the heavens,

  My theme shall ever be.

  Sweeter as the years go by,

Sweeter as the years go by;

Richer, fuller, deeper,

Jesus’ love is sweeter,

  Sweeter as the years go by.


He trod in old Judea

  Life’s pathway long ago;

The people thronged about Him,

  His saving grace to know.

He healed the broken-hearted,

  And caused the blind to see;

And still His great heart yearneth

  In love for even me.

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