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Let me love Thee

new tune


Let me love Thee, Thou art claiming

Every feeling of my soul;

Let that love in pow’r prevailing,

Render Thee my life, my all;

For life’s burdens they are easy,

And life’s sorrows lose their sting,

If they’re carried, Lord, to please Thee,

If their pain Thy smile should win.


Let me love Thee, Savior,

Take my heart forever;

Nothing but Thy favor

  My soul can satisfy.


Let me love Thee, come revealing

All Thy love has done for me;

Help my heart, so unbelieving,

By the sight of Calvary:

Let me see Thy love despising

All the shame my sins had brought;

By Thy torments realizing

What a price my pardon bought.


Let me love Thee, I am gladdest

When I’m loving Thee, the best;

For in sunshine or in sadness

I can find in Thee a rest;

But without Thee life is fading,

Treasureless its choicest flowers;

Taken are its gifts eternal;

Left, its empty passing hours.


Let me love Thee, love is mighty,

Swaying realms of deed and thought;

By it I shall walk uprightly,

I shall serve Thee as I ought:

Love will soften every sorrow,

Love will lighten every care,

Love unquestioning will follow,

Love will triumph, love will dare.

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