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I Cannot Breathe Enough Of Thee

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I cannot breathe enough of Thee,

  O gentle breeze of love;

More fragrant than the myrtle tree

The Henna-flower* is to me,

  The Balm of Heaven above.


I cannot gaze enough on Thee,

  Thou Fairest of the Fair;

My heart is filled with ecstasy,

As in Thy face of radiancy

  I see such beauty there.


I cannot yield enough to Thee,

  My Savior, Master, Friend;

I do not wish to go out free,

But ever, always, willingly,

  To serve Thee to the end.


I cannot sing enough of Thee,

  The sweetest name on earth;

A note so full of melody

Comes from my heart so joyously,

  And fills my soul with mirth.


I cannot speak enough of Thee,

  I have so much to tell;

Thy heart it beats so tenderly

As Thou dost draw me close to Thee,

  And whisper, “All is well.”

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